Wild Growth Hair Oil Products Review – Does It Really Work or It’s a Scam? Get The Full Information Here!

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Wild Growth Hair Oil Products Review – Does It Really Work or It’s a Scam? Get The Full Information Here!

Wild Growth Hair Oil products happen to be amongst the hair growth solution on the internet. These products are claimed to be highly effective in facilitating hair growth, plus other benefits.

The hair products are marketed in its official website and are also available in other retail websites.

Glancing through the manufacturer’s website, I could see other hair health related benefits which the products promote to offer.

Now, the big question reads; what makes Wild Growth Hair Oil Products effective in achieving the claimed effects? Are the claims backed up by real proofs? What if the benefits are falsified?

To get answers to these queries and others, it is important we get the products’ complete information. How do we get the details? That’s why we are here.


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Name of Product: Wild Growth Hair Oil

Website: Available in Several Retail Sites

Minimum Price: Price Does Vary

Overall Rank (out of 100): 89 Points

Recommended Usage: Varies per Week

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown

What are Wild Growth Hair Products?

Wild Growth® is a brand for some hair enhancement products which claims to protect the hair and make the hair grow the way we want.

Wild Growth® is said to be a complete hair protection system. From the information source, the products are made in the U.S and the manufacturer claims that they should address the problems of hair loss, hair thinning and baldness.

The brand also promote to prevent hair damage/breakage by protecting the hair strands. Talking specifically about these products, they should include:

Wild Growth® Hair Oil

This is marketed as a natural and a concentrated daily conditioner. In addition to conditioning the hair and improving the hair texture, Wild Growth Hair Oil manufacturer claims that it facilitates new hair growth.

Stating to have been in existence for 30 years and more, this product is said to have had a 90% success rate with customer users.

So are there proofs that support the claimed success?

Evidently, I could find a lot of positive feedbacks, both in the official website and in other retail websites from previous users of this product. This adds credibility to the solution.Wild-Growth-Hair-Oil-Products-Review-Does-It-Really-Work-or-Its-a-Scam-Get-The-Full-Information-Here-Before-and-After-Results-Reviews-Hair-Oil-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

One may want to know if this formula follows a particular pathway to achieve the said benefits.

In line with the manufacturer’s description, Wild Growth Hair Oil should utilize its natural content to condition; detangle the hair for longer lasting presses.

How Do We Use This Product?

For its use, we are told to start slowly and observe the result because of the concentration of the formula. The directions for using Wild Growth Hair Oil are grouped into weeks.

In the first week, it should be applied once gently and sparingly in the entire hair and scalp.

In the second week, it should be applied twice (once every three days).

In the third week; it should be applied three times (once every two days).

From the fourth week and above, the recommendation is to adjust the quantity of Wild Growth Hair Oil used and the frequency to maintain a continuous coating of moisture on the hair and scalp.

The product should be used three times weekly on the average.


The manufacturer promotes Wild Growth Hair Oil as a concentrated formula which contains Olive (Olea Eurioea L.) Oil, Jojoba (Buxus Chinensis) Oil, Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil, Ergocalciferol (Vitamin D), Choline, Inositol, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Calcium and Wild Growth Oil Nutrient Complex.Wild-Growth-Hair-Oil-Products-Review-Does-It-Really-Work-or-Its-a-Scam-Get-The-Full-Information-Here-Before-and-After-Result-Review-Hair-Growth-Oil-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

The ingredients are said to be 100% natural.

Here are the benefits;

  • Promotes Long Hair Growth;
  • Enhance Hair Thickness and Volume;
  • Softens and Detangles the Hair;
  • Concentrated Formula;
  • Claims to be very Effective;
  • Product Feedbacks Exist;
  • Official Website Exists;


  1. No data shows the product’s safety profile;
  2. Results may vary from one person to another;
  3. The concentrations of the ingredients were not listed.

Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer

This is another Wild Growth® brand that labels to enhance hair growth and health.

With reference to the product’s description, it can be used alone and in combination with the Wild Growth Hair Oil, other shampoo or conditioners.

Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer is said to be of the same strength with Light Hair Oil.

It is claimed to improve the hair strength and protects the hair against breakage when used as a conditioner in wet hair. As explained, the moisturizer can be used in wet hair unlike the oil.

Also, the manufacturer shares that by providing maximum lubrication to the scalp, the formula will prevent flaking, build up, odor and dryness of the hair.

The direction for use is the same as that of the Wild Growth Hair Oil as stated above.

According to the manufacturer, results from using these products alone or together will vary (within weeks or months).Wild-Growth-Hair-Oil-Products-Review-Does-It-Really-Work-or-Its-a-Scam-Get-The-Full-Information-Here-Before-and-After-Results-Reviews-Light-Oil-Moisturizer-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

The Benefits;

  • Protects the Hair;
  • Improves the Hair Texture;
  • Reduces Hair Breakage;
  • Prevents Hair or Follicle Damage.


  • Unable to find any data to show about product’s safety profile;
  • Like every other product, results may vary from each individual;
  • Failed to list the concentrations of the ingredients.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Wild Growth hair products are claimed to be made of 100% natural constituents and should be effective for the intended benefits.

The company shared to have been in the industry for over 30 years and as such high quality is guaranteed.

Now the products are said to be effective in both men and women of all hair types. A detailed direction for using the formula is outlined in the company’s website.

The manufacturer does have an official website where they gave a toll free number and an email with which customers can communicate with them.

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Conclusion/My Personal Opinion   

Evidently, Wild Growth® products’ manufacturer successfully mentioned relevant details about their hair formulas.

From what we have seen so far, can we infer that the products will achieve the claimed benefits? There is need to revisit some salient information before concluding.

The products’ components were listed. The concentrations of the ingredients are lacking.

Secondly, there is no data seen as proof that confirms the safety and efficacy of Wild Growth hair formulas. Yet, there are quite so many positive feedbacks from people who have used the products in the past.

Undoubtedly, the manufacturer will have more grounds if they had listed the exact concentration of the ingredients and provided some clinical/scientific data of studies done with them.

Wild Growth® brand claims to have existed for over 30 years, yet little is known about the products’ company.

Since the products have been positively reviewed by a lot of past users and sold at an affordable price, I doubt if we have anything to lose trying out the Wild Growth hair solution formulas.


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