Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair Re-growth Brush Review – Is This Worth It’s Claims? Only Here!

In Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush

Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair Re-growth Brush Review – Is This Worth It’s Claims? Only Here!

Versa Skin Care Company claims that their light and massage therapy hair brush is effective in hair regeneration and growth.

Alopecia is a general medical term for hair loss affecting more than half of the population worldwide.

Hair loss is known to have serious impact in both men and women in that it can be an upsetting and embarrassing condition for many people who experience it.

Apart from hair transplant, there are prescription medications that have been severally used in certain hair loss cases.

For some reasons, a significant population of people have resorted to different alternative approaches to addressing hair loss.

Seeing the Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush claims here with me, you may have some questions as regards what this device offers; whether or not it works.

You are not alone because we always strive to gather every single detail about each product/program we get hold on before making inferences.

To get helpful information about this hair device, read the whole information here.


Name of Product: Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair BrushVersa-Light-and-Massage-Therapy-Hair-Re-growth-Brush-Review-Is-This-Worth-Its-Claims-Only-Here-Results-Amazon-Laser-Does-it-Work-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

Website Found: On

Minimum Price: Complete Device – $24.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 61 Points

Recommended Period of Usage: Unknown

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown

What is Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush?

Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush is marketed as a device which uses led light therapy and massage to detangle the hair while achieving a healthy hair growth.

According to the manufacturer, this hair brush device have been scientifically proven to reactivate hair growth with a resultant fuller and thicker hair.

Studies have shown that red light therapy medically referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) effectively stimulates hair growth in men and women.

Undoubtedly, there are laser based devices with different level of active components (the major determinant of how effective the device will work).

Versa Skin Care shares that their Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush is made in U.S and it are made with high quality components (incorporates wavelength enough to achieve the intended benefit).

It has an entrance for hair lotion of which we can easily switch on the device and start massaging the hair with it.

Yes, it should be safe for both men and women. I could not find any detailed instruction on how to use the device.

Keep on with the review!

What’s In It?

Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush promote to incorporate a 660 nanometer LED lights for follicle stimulation.

How Does it Work?

From my source of information about such product, Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush is said to work by stimulating the hair follicles. This in turn should reactivate hair growth and hair regeneration.

The result of the above effect, according to the product manufacturer is a thicker, healthier and optimal hair growth.

Also, the Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush should increase the circulation of blood in the hair follicles for an improved hair growth.Versa-Light-and-Massage-Therapy-Hair-Re-growth-Brush-Review-Is-This-Worth-Its-Claims-Only-Here-Result-Amazon-Laser-Hairbrush-Does-it-Work-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

The gentle massage action of the device, according to them will detangle the hair, help relieve stress and make users feel great.

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Who Is it For?

Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush is said to be effective in men and women who are experiencing hair loss or those who have experienced hair loss in any stage of their life.

It promotes to be made with adequate light wavelength that will trigger the intended benefits. Therefore, folks who want a safe alternative to prescription medications for hair loss should benefit from using Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush.

Additionally, it should work for folks who want to achieve a thicker and fuller looking hair. 



  • Revitalizes the Hair Follicles;Versa-Light-and-Massage-Therapy-Hair-Re-growth-Brush-Review-Is-This-Worth-Its-Claims-Only-Here-Results-Amazon-Laser-Hairbrush-Does-it-Work-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews
  • Stimulates Hair Regeneration;
  • Reactivates Hair Growth;
  • Support Thicker Looking Hair;
  • Makes the Hair Healthier;
  • Helps Relieves Stress;
  • Users Should Feel More Relaxed;
  • A Scientifically Proven Device;
  • Made in USA;
  • Company’s Website Exists;
  • The Manufacturer’s Profile Exists;
  • Discount is Obtainable.;
  • The Device is Affordable.


  1. Results from using the device may vary;
  2. Not much product information was given;
  3. There are no terms or conditions for refunds;
  4. No reviews from previous users was found.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Versa Skin Care seems to offer discounts on purchases of two (2) or more of their products.

The manufacturer’s discount policy is commendable, but it should not be interchanged for refund and/or return policy.

Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush is said to be safe and effective in regenerating lost hair. The product owner gave only few statements as regards the scientific proof of the device.

We as customer users of the device can reach the manufacturer as there is an option of doing that through their address or by using the message form in the company’s primary website.

Not to mention, it also found on Amazon e-commerce website at (

Conclusion/My Personal Opinion

Firstly, I will not fail to state the observation that the information about Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush is limited.

On the other hand, the manufacturer claims that the device has been scientifically proven, yet I could not find any previous user’s feedback.

Possibly, it could be that folks who have used the device did not achieve what they want or that it is yet to be reviewed by some users. Who knows?!

Another important red flag about Versa Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush is the fact that it lacks terms and conditions for refunds. Nothing was found regards to refund for us as users.

Evidently, it did not meet up with the criteria for certifying a hair product as effective. I could easily classify it as one of these products marketed in the internet with empty non-proven claims. Right?!Project-E-Beauty-Laser-Comb-Review-Any-Benefits-Read-Complete-Review-Pro-Portable-2in1-RED-LED-Light-Vibration-Hair-Growth-Comb-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

For now, I would I check out Project E Beauty Laser Hair Growth Comb, which there are many users’ on Amazon sharing their experience and positive results when using it daily as directed. Feel free to check out and the complete review right here for a better option in regards to portable hair brush laser combs.


I implore us to go for devices that have been proven to work and have been reviewed by experts.

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  • DianeX

    I have noticed that after 3 months my hair still have not grew not even an inch. I am disappointed. Julio I will try that project beauty laser comb. I will let you know my results afterwards.

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