Spectral Hair Loss Review – Will These Hair Loss Products Leave Up To Its Claims? Follow Review!

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Spectral Hair Loss Review – Will These Hair Loss Products Leave Up To Its Claims? Follow Review!

Spectral Hair Loss products was who caught my eyes today to do a review on all about them!

As we all know, growing a full and healthy head of hairs without having to pay through the nose could be a great achievement any hair loss sufferer would want.

The bitter truth is that it doesn’t come easily and/or overnight as claimed by so many fake product distributors out there.

However, there are still products that can restore the state of the hair to an enviable state. But how do we get a hold on them? This is a frequently asked question and it is also my driving force to researching on the internet for more hair loss treatment formulas.

Spectral which I discovered on the internet states to harness the root cause of hair loss, which we know that if this is possible, the result should be a healthier hair growth.

Whether it is a claim or a real statement is what we cannot decipher at this point. The details will be unraveled in this comprehensive review.

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Name of Products: Spectral

Website Found: www.ShyToBuy.uk/Spectral

Minimum Price: Depends on Which Product

Overall Rank (out of 100): 86 Points

Recommended Usage: Results Within 2-3Weeks

Money Back Guarantee: 30 Day Refund Policy

What is Spectral ?

Spectral is sold as a brand of hair loss and thinning treatment by DS Laboratories. Their popular hair enhancement formulas include Spectral.DNC-S, Spectral.RS, Spectral DNC-N, Spectral.F7, and Specral.CSF.

Let us discuss each product’s details below.


This is marketed as the most advanced hair loss treatment product for men and women.

Spectral.DNC-S promotes to be a hair support system. According to the manufacturer, it should address the problems of moderate to severe hair thinning while supporting optimal hair growth.

In line with the manufacturer’s details, they mention it’s minoxidil free and an evolutionary step to helping our hair stay thick and healthy in appearance. That is, this formula is said to deliver exceptional hair recovery benefits in both men and women.

Spectral.DNC-S is a 60ml topical solution. The recommendation is to apply 6 pumps of the solution regularly in the thinning area two times a day. Users should see results within 3 months of using it.Spectral-Hair-Loss-Review-Will-These-Hair-Loss-Products-Leave-Up-To-Its-Claims-Follow-Review-Hair-Results-DNC-S-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews


According to the manufacturer, the formula incorporates a proprietary blend of powerful ingredients and these should include Azelaic Acid, Palmitoyl Pine Bark Extract, Malus Domestica Extracts and Peptide Complexes.

Spectral.DNC-S is said to employ nano some technology, which allows the ingredients work longer.

How it Works?

According to the product details, Spectral.DNC-S works by blocking the production of DHT; a major hormone implicated in hair loss. This, according to them, will support a healthy scalp and enhance hair growth.

It is said to employ an advanced ion channel delivery system which helps to open cell membranes for maximum penetration of the formula deep into the scalp. This addresses a wide category of hair loss triggers.

Spectral.RS Spectral-Hair-Loss-Review-Will-These-Hair-Loss-Products-Leave-Up-To-Its-Claims-Follow-Review-Hair-Results-RS-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

This is sold as an innovative hair maintenance solution. DS Laboratories promotes that this formula is designed to target the causes of hair thinning as well as perifollicular fibrosis, stress and hormonal imbalances.

It promotes to be a natural hair growth formula which employs nanosome technology to combat hair loss and achieve a healthy scalp.

Spectral.RS is a 60ml spray formulation and the manufacturer’s recommendation is to apply ten (10) sprays directly in the hair loss/thinning area twice a day without rinsing it out after each application.

According to the manufacturer, results may vary from one individual to another. However, we should expect a reduction in hair loss within 2-3 weeks of using the formula. It should be continued for 8-12 months for optimal result and to maintain hair growth.

Spectral.RS should incorporate a combination of aminexil, growth compounds, adenosine, procyanidin B-2 and C-1, vitamins, minerals and herbs.

How Does it Work?

With its combination of proprietary ingredients, it is said to remove excess sebum accumulated in the hair follicles. According to the manufacture, this should improve blood supply and sustain hair growth.

Similarly, Spectral.RS employs nanosome technology to strengthen and maintain the hair follicle. The ingredients are transported directly into the tissues for rapid results.

Spectral DNC-NSpectral-Hair-Loss-Review-Will-These-Hair-Loss-Products-Leave-Up-To-Its-Claims-Follow-Review-Hair-Results-DNC-N-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

This said to be the first Nanoxidil topical solution for the hair. It should reveal the best hair health.

Spectral DNC-N promotes to combat hair loss in both men and women. It is applied on the hairline area and the upper head area.

It should stop hair loss, hair thinning, and supports thicker and healthier hair in its users.


Spectral.F7 is known to be a new approach to stimulating the hair follicles. It utilizes stress hormone blocking peptide (astressin-b) in combating hair loss. It should give men and women a thicker hair appearance.

The instruction is to shake the bottle and apply 10 sprays onto the head while concentrating on the thinning area.

The Benefits are;Spectral-Hair-Loss-Review-Will-These-Hair-Loss-Products-Leave-Up-To-Its-Claims-Follow-Review-Hair-Results-F7-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

  • Treats Thinning Hair;
  • Rejuvenates the Scalp;
  • Reduces Hair Loss;
  • Supports Thicker and Healthy Hair;
  • For Men and Women.


This is said to be an anti-aging therapy for thinning hair. It is designed to work with women’s hormonal fluctuations, hair length and hair follicle biology to achieve a thicker hair.

According to the manufacturer, Specral.CSF should be applied in the entire head, which is where female pattern thinning diffuse over. Users should apply 10 pumps of Spectra.CSF with the spray or 1ml two times a day with the dropper.

It works to improve hormonal signature and fluctuations in the scalp of women.

The Benefits are;Spectral-Hair-Loss-Review-Will-These-Hair-Loss-Products-Leave-Up-To-Its-Claims-Follow-Review-Hair-Results-CSF-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

  • Supports Healthy Hair Growth;
  • Tackles Female Pattern Thinning;
  • Thicker and Longer Hair Growth;
  • Prevents Aging;
  • Strengthens the Hair;
  • Improves Hair Density.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Spectral makers states to offer refunds to users of their products who are not satisfied with their results.

That is, if I should use any of the hair loss treatment products, I am eligible for a 30 day period of testing the product’s effectiveness. On the contrary, I can ask for a refund within this period.

The distributor promotes to provide next working day delivery for orders placed before 4pm within UK.

According to them, the Spectral formulas are completely natural, hence should not cause any harmful side effects when used as directed. They state to be highly powerful and effective for the intended purposes.

The manufacturer of the Spectral products is DS Laboratories and users can contact them from the channel(s) provided in their official website.

Conclusion/My Personal Opinion

Spectral.DNC-S and RS formulas as we have seen promotes to be the proven and effective products to treat hair loss and thinning in men and women.

Now women alone who want to treat thinning hair, the Spectral CSF for women claims to be a great option for women’s treatment.

Spectral F7 hair follicle stimulation and the Spectral.DNC-N who promotes as the hair support system, they both promote to work effectively as well, according to them.

Evidently, we have gone through the manufacturer’s details and we are at the verge of making our decisions. Because we have gathered enough details about these products, the final facts will come from these details.

Undoubtedly, the company’s hair enhancement formulas are a result of years of research. Permit me to add that a documented clinical and scientific proof of products’ effectiveness will make the formulas more credible if there were seen.

Similarly, prospective users would be more encouraged seeing some video and picture testimonials from previous users of these formulas. Even though there are some positive reviews out there anyway.

The final verdict!

Spectral formulas do not incorporate harmful drugs in these hair loss treatments. I will support their effects, but one should not expect the results to appear at the speed of light.Spectral-Hair-Loss-Review-Will-These-Hair-Loss-Products-Leave-Up-To-Its-Claims-Follow-Review-Hair-Results-ShyToBuy-Website-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

This is uncommon with hair loss treatment formulas that work. Kindly if you would like to check them out at where the Spectral products were found at www.ShyToBuy.uk retailer and experience the effects yourself, then come back and make sure to let me know .

Feel free to leave your concerns in line with your experience!

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