Provillus Review – Does Provillus Really Work? Or Is It a Scam? Reviews Find it Here!

In Provillus for Men, Provillus for Men Pills

Provillus Review – Does Provillus Really Work? Or Is It a Scam? Reviews Find it Here!

Having gone through a series of hair loss treatment products on the internet, Provillus hair loss treatment for men seems to have captured my interest more.

Studies have shown that a large population of men suffers from hair loss in one stage of their lives or the other.

Similarly, a good number of men concerned often go through difficulties trying to get a hold on real products that will solve their hair loss problems, most of which end up being disappointed by some hair growth formulas that claim to achieve results with nothing to show for it.

Provillus hair loss treatment for men shares to be the leading hair loss treatment formula in the market. One may wonder what this product entails and how it will achieve hair growth. This will be outlined in this review from the manufacturer’s details.

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Name of Product: Provillus For Men

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Buy 3 Bottle, Get 2 Free– $93.51/Each 

Overall Rank (out of 100): 94 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 2-12 Months

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Refund

What Is Provillus ?

Provillus is marketed as a natural hair loss treatment formula by Ultra herbal. They have Provillus for men and that for women. This review is about hair loss treatment for men.

According to the manufacture, this hair loss treatment formula should stop hair loss, prevent baldness and re-grows lost hair by stimulating the hair follicles.

It promotes to be a powerful hair loss treatment and should create an optimal environment for new healthy hair, revitalize the hair follicles to maintain new growth.

In line with the manufacturer’s description, Provillus is a natural supplement; hence we do not require any prescription to use it.

From the details obtained, it is not one of such formulas that claim to elicit magical effects to re-grow the hair. Instead it states to achieve results in a step-wise fashion when used twice a day and continued.

One may have to continue using Provillus hair loss treatment for men for as long as two (2) to twelve (12) months for permanent results.

Because of many reviews and feedback forums, this treatment seems to have the greatest and most satisfying results compared to other hair re-growth products in the market.

It is said to work with the natural changes in our body that are the cause of hair loss in a vast majority of the population.

It is made in the U.S and it is available online in a 60ml container which we should apply directly on the scalp for best results.

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Provillus Content

A proper search in Provillus hair treatment for men official website and others reveals that it contains an active principle known as minoxidil (5%).

It is known to be an over-the-counter FDA approved ingredient that causes the re-growth of lost hairs.

However, from my research on products with this type of active content, there have been cases of negative side effects along with results of hair restoration.

More over, along with minoxidil, Provillus contains other natural ingredients and these should include alcohol, propylene glycol, purified water, vitamins, minerals and herbs.

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How Does it Work?

According to the manufacturer of Provillus, this hair loss treatment formula brings about hair growth due to the effect of its active main ingredient; minoxidil.

Minoxidil in this formula is said to work by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the hair follicles. It should, according to them, re-grow the hair whether the hair follicles have existed or not.

This product has the power to block DHT (dihydrotestosterone); a known cause of hair loss in men. Provillus is specifically designed to offer the scalp the nutrients it needs in order to prevent hair loss and help the user to re-grow hair in a natural way.

It seems the manufacturer of Provillus hair loss treatment for men understands the hair growth process; hence the reason for incorporating powerful ingredients that work in synergy for optimum results.

Who Is it For?

With reference to the manufacturer’s description, Provillus hair loss treatment is for men who want to achieve great results in stopping their baldness and re-growing their lost hair.

That is, if I am in this group of people who have bald hair and want to stop it while getting more hair growth, the manufacturer of this product claims it’s for me.

On the other hand, Ultra Herbal has a Provillus brand for women as I mentioned earlier, hence Provillus hair loss treatment for men should not be used by women.

Breast-feeding mothers should not use it. The same thing applies to folks who are not up to 18 years and people on prescription medications.

Yet, this hair loss solution of pills for men should not be used in individuals whose case demands the diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure of a disease.

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  • Hair Loss Treatment;
  • Reactivates the Hair Follicles;
  • Prevents Baldness;
  • Re-grows Lost Hairs;
  • Strengthen the Hair;
  • More Volume;
  • Adds Thickness;
  • Claims it’s Clinically Proven;
  • FDA Approved;
  • Works Naturally;
  • Safe and Effective;
  • No Side Effects;
  • Has Positive Feedbacks;
  • Official Website Exists;
  • Discrete Shipping;
  • Money Back Guarantee;
  • Success Pictures Seen.


  1. More details is needed about the manufacturer.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The manufacturers of Provillus promote to offer a no-question asked refund to the users of the product who are not satisfied.

This is to say that if I am a user of this formula, I have a whole 30 days to test if it satisfies my hair loss needs. If not, I can easily ask for a refund from the manufacturer less shipping and handling fees.

The ingredient(s) is said to be FDA approved, powerful and should be safe for the intended purpose when used as directed.

We can contact the manufacturer by filling a message form in their official website (

Bottom Line Facts

The manufacturers of Provillus hair loss treatment for men emphasizes that each individual experiencing hair loss has a unique experience and needs.

They promote that using their topical solution; we can target the exact spots where we want to grow hair.

It has been marketed, with clinical back-ups, as a powerful hair re-growing product without side effects when applied as directed.provillus-review-does-provillus-really-work-or-is-it-a-scam-reviews-find-it-here-before-and-after-results-for-men-comments-pills-men-hairloss-restoration-reviews

Additionally, their attention to reasonable refund coverage and intimacy (discrete packaging and billing) makes the product more credible.

More so, one should have to use Provillus as directed and continuously for a permanent result. At this point, I may recommend this product for hair loss treatment on their official website at (


So tell me your experience when reading this review? If you anything to say, let me know below!

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