Project E Beauty Laser Comb Review – Any Benefits? Read Complete Review!

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Project E Beauty Laser Comb Review – Any Benefits? Read Complete Review!

Going through different archives of hair enhancement products on the internet, I stumbled over the Project E Beauty Laser Comb which claims to be the real deal for hair growth.

We have reviewed a good number of laser hair loss treatment therapy in the past, I thought it wise not to stop at them, but get more products reviewed so that we can have varieties to choose from.

One may want to know if this product is effective and how it works to achieve the claimed results.

The manufacturer is based in Hong Kong, where they state to be known as the world’s leading company in making beauty and skin care products.

I could find their primary website as well as their Amazon profile. Since their Laser Combs claims to achieve hair re-growth, it is necessary we see what they have for us.

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Name of Product: Project E Beauty Laser CombProject-E-Beauty-Laser-Comb-Review-Any-Benefits-Read-Complete-Review-Pro-Portable-2in1-RED-LED-Light-Vibration-Hair-Growth-Comb-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

Website Found:

Minimum Price: Amazon Carries for $32.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 97 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Within a Few Months

Money Back Guarantee: Amazon Covers Terms & Conditions

What is Project E Beauty Laser Comb ?

Project E Beauty Laser Comb is sold as a light therapy hair re-growth and hair restoration brush for men and women.

According to the manufacturer, Project E Beauty Pro Portable 2in1 RED LED Light + Vibration Hair Growth Comb employs coherent light therapy to achieve a healthier and fuller hair in its users.

It promotes to put an end to baldness in affected individuals and cause a noticeable hair growth within a few months of continuous use.

This laser hair growth comb is marketed in the manufacturer’s official website and it is also available on Amazon. They do offer some reasonable refund condition.

It seems to have attracted a good number of positive feedbacks from the previous users. I could find these in the Amazon retail website.

Yet, are there any clinical back-up? Seems they have more to show.

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How Does This Laser Comb Work?

Project E Beauty Laser Comb is said to employ the principle of bio-stimulation in stimulating the hair/scalp cells thereby activating the hair follicles in the dermis.

According to the manufacturer, Project E Beauty Laser Hair Restoration Comb utilizes a 660nm red light therapy (Red Coherent monochromatic light at 660nm Wavelength) in restoring lost hair in affected folks.

It is designed to project a continuous beam of light on the intended hair loss area without missing a spot. This makes it a reliable and an effective option for a healthy hair growth.Project-E-Beauty-Laser-Comb-Review-Any-Benefits-Read-Complete-Review-Pro-Portable-2in1-RED-LED-Light-Vibration-Hair-Growth-Comb-Results-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

For best results, the device should be used ten (10) minutes daily where some users have noticed significant results within two weeks of using the device.

In line with the manufacturer’s description, users’ results may vary. This rhymes with the manufacturer’s statement that another group of customers report some significant results in 3-4 months of using Project E Beauty Laser Comb consistently.

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For Who Is it For?

Project E Beauty Laser Comb claims it’s for men and women who are suffering from baldness.

In paraphrase, anyone in this group who want to restore and re-grow lost hair effectively will find this Pro Portable 2in1 RED LED Light + Vibration Hair Growth Comb beneficial.

Similarly, individuals who want a more reliable and non harmful approach to achieving hair growth can as well resort to the use of Project E Beauty Laser Comb.

It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. That is, people in this group will have to seek the consent of a healthcare professional.


The Pros:Project-E-Beauty-Laser-Comb-Review-Any-Benefits-Read-Complete-Review-Pro-Portable-2in1-RED-LED-Light-Vibration-Hair-Growth-Comb-Results-Amazon-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

  • Stops Baldness;
  • Revitalizes the Hair Follicles;
  • Restores the Hair;
  • Achieves a Healthy Hair Growth;
  • Makes the Hair Fuller;
  • For Men and Women;
  • High Quality Laser Device;
  • Safe and Effective;
  • No Side Effects;
  • Official Website Exists;
  • Company’s Profile Exists;
  • Positive Reviews Abound;
  • Money Back Guarantee.

The Cons:

  1. Nothing found for before and after photos;
  2. Price varies in third party website(s).

Customer Support/Guarantee

Project E Beauty Laser Comb manufacturer seems to stand behind this hair restoration device with a 30 days refund guarantee. This does not include the shipping fee.

There is an official website for the device where the Company’s vision and mission was described. They promote to offer a cutting edge customer service to users of their laser therapy hair restoration device.

The device should be safe and effective for the intended functions. That is, it should not cause any side effects.

The FAQ section of the product’s’ website is quite informing. More so, one can get in touch with Project E Beauty Laser Comb manufacturers by putting a direct call to them through the phone number on their website or using the message form there and/or sending mails to them.

Amazon ( also covers refund terms and conditions for all products.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Undoubtedly, we have gotten a clear explanation of what Project E Beauty Laser Comb has to offer as regards to hair treatment and hair restoration.

The manufacturers claim to be the leading makers of laser hair restoration devices worldwide. I could not find any recommendation for this device by any healthcare professionals.

For a fact, the company does offer a reasonable refund which I must say makes their product more credible.

For previous users’ feedbacks, I could find reviews about the device. The reviews are mixed (both positive and negative), but the number of positive feedbacks by previous users seems to be more. Yet, no before and after results found from users’ photos.Project-E-Beauty-Laser-Comb-Review-Any-Benefits-Read-Complete-Review-Pro-Portable-2in1-RED-LED-Light-Vibration-Hair-Growth-Comb-Results-Amazon-Website-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

Here is my candid contribution!

Project E Beauty Laser Hair Growth Comb happens to be in the categories laser based therapy for restoring the hair. It should cause no harm when used as directed. The company’s money refund policy protects any user who may want to opt out.

Project E Beauty Pro Portable 2in1 RED LED Light + Vibration Hair Growth Comb is a device we will need to go forward to experience the effects ourselves, and if you want to read the previous users’ results from reviews/comments, visit the Laser Comb Amazon webpage at (


Actually for a fact, since it’s an affordable and from my sources, it’s an effective, convenient laser hair regrowth comb, I’m actually going to give it a shot! Stay tuned for my upcoming review, after a few months though. Do remember to leave your comments below for other folks to see!

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