Miami Hair Institute Review – Can These Hair Procedures Help Restore Hair? See Details Inside!

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Miami Hair Institute Review – Can These Hair Procedures Help Restore Hair? See Details Inside!

Baldness is known to occur in men and women in a completely different pattern.

From statistics, baldness affects more than two-thirds of all male while approximately 20 million American females experience thinning hair.

The above statistical highlight could validate the fact that the population of people affected by hair loss increases by the day. A large group of these populations have not yet gotten a lasting solution.

I have been able to give a complete evaluation of some institutes, in the past that labels to be the leading establishment in the hair restoration industry.

Because the industry has evolved and is still evolving with the latest technologies, I thought it wise not to stop in my search for new discoveries and products.

Miami Hair Institute is an establishment which claims to achieve permanent result as regards hair restoration.

With facilities in Florida state here in the USA, what procedures do they employ to achieve what they claim?

The details are here!


Name of Product: Miami Hair InstituteMiami-Hair-Institute-Review-Can-These-Hair-Procedures-Help-Restore-Hair-See-Details-Inside-Results-Reviews-Website-Hair-Transplant-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

Website Found:

Minimum Price: Depends on What Procedure

Overall Rank (out of 100): 96 Points

Recommended Period of Usage: 5-6 Months

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown

What is Miami Hair Institute ?

Miami Hair Institute is known to be an establishment that carries out hair transplant surgery for men and women.

They promote to have developed the most comprehensive approach for evaluating and treating patients with hair loss.

From my information source, the company is running by Dr. Nusbaum and Dr. Rose. They are said to have extensive experience in medical hair loss therapy as well as research, and are also Board Certified in Dermatology, the only medical specialty with certified residency training in hair loss and scalp diseases.

As previously mentioned, Miami Hair Institute majorly specializes in hair transplant surgery of which I could see a statement that one of their medical expert by name Dr. Nusbaum has performed over 10,000 hair transplant procedures in the last two decades.

Similarly, in the same institute Dr. Rose is known to be amongst the founders of the Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT); a revolutionary new method of hair surgery that extracts individual donor hairs without making a visible linear scar. Dr. Rose also pioneered the development of the Ledge Trichophytic closure technique in an effort to reduce the signs of surgical hair restoration via transplant procedure.

With the above documented achievements by the medical experts in Miami Hair Institute, can we infer that their hair restoration procedure is safe and effective? Maybe or not; Let us get into what they do.

Miami Hair Institute Methods

Hair Transplant Surgery

  • Miami Hair Institute promotes offer a number of hair transplant options which includes strip donor procedures, follicular unit transplantation (FUT), and robotic follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplants with the revolutionary new ARTAS® System.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

  • In addition to surgical hair transplant, the institute promotes to offer advanced non-surgical hair restoration treatment. This should include the use of hair restoration drugs like Rogaine® and Propecia®.
  • Also included here are the low level laser therapy (LLLT) devices for personal use with HairMax™ LaserComb™ and the Capillus 272™ laser cap being their most popular hair restoration devices.

Leading Hair Loss Research and Treatment Information

  • They have a platform where people visit (the Miami Hair Blog) for additional resources on hair loss research, the diagnosis, and treatment. Here, we should get new resources, treatment technologies and more from their hair transplant surgeons and doctors.

Personalized Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Miami Hair Institute mentions that they understand the negative effects (immense personal, social, and professional anxiety) of hair loss.
  • As a result of this, they promote to have a team committed to helping every patient feel welcome, at home, and comfortable with diagnosis and treatment. They added that our safety, comfort, and natural new head of hair are their top priorities.

According to them, it should take about 3-6 hours to complete each hair transplantation procedure. Result should be visible within 6 months of the procedure. Some people are known to see result as early as 12-20 weeksaccording to them.


  • Claims to permanently replace lost hairs;Miami-Hair-Institute-Review-Can-These-Hair-Procedures-Help-Restore-Hair-See-Details-Inside-Results-Reviews-Website-Hair-Transplant-Benefits-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews
  • There is no drastic change in the look of the hair for people to notice;
  • The procedure should camouflage thinning areas on women’s scalp;
  • Makes the hair fuller and more predisposed for a wide range of styling options;
  • Fast recovery time after procedure;
  • They promote that their procedure is cost effective.


  • Customers should not take aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications whether prescribed or over-the-counter 7-14 days before the procedure. Also, we are told to avoid products such as Advil, Aleve, Alka Seltzer, Bufferin, Excedrin, Nuprin or Motrin.
  • Folks who undergo this hair restoration procedure should avoid all sport and exercise activities for one week. Contact sport should be avoided for two weeks.
  • Hair transplant should be done in the early stages of hair loss.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Miami Hair Institute shares to provide online consultation for its clients to determine the best hair loss treatment plan for them.

There is a platform in their official website through which we can schedule appointment with them and choose an appointment date that best suits us.

Customers can contact them writing to them through their office address, sending an email to them or by calling the toll-free line in their official website.

Bottom Line Facts

Miami Hair Institute, from the information established so far promotes to offer the safest and most advanced methods of hair loss diagnosis and treatment.

From my research and findings, they collaborate with ARTAS in some of their procedures of which the pain from their hair transplantation procedure can only be minimal. They utilize the advantage of local anesthetics, sedatives and other medications to minimize pain, anxiety and discomfort respectively.

For a fact, their medical experts are recognized in the hair restoration industry owing to their work and successful discoveries. It seems they stand strongly behind each procedure they do!

Here is my final contribution!

Miami Hair Institute from what I have learnt so far have had successes in what they do. One, out of the positive feedbacks I came across is shown below.

I am a 50 year old woman, who has been experiencing hair loss for the past 5 to 6 years. I had a previous transplant done elsewhere with very unsatisfying results. It was not a good outcome, and I was looking to have it fixed! I met with Dr. Paul Rose in Miami for a hair transplant consultation, where I was able to communicate my distress. The consultation process was very comfortable as the doctor was caring, personable and showed empathy towards my situation. I proceeded with the transplant and it was wonderful, everything that was laid out for me during the consultation was followed to perfection by Dr.Rose the day of the surgery. There was no significant discomfort during or after the surgery. The surgical staffs are also great and efficient! Everything the doctor told me was the truth; he has the most integrity I have seen in the 21st century. Dr. Rose is 100% recommended’.

With this and other proofs seen so far, I suggest we get in touch with Miami Hair Institute if you have enough money and see what they can do for us if we need such service.

Other than that, there are other cheaper home-based methods as well, such as the HairMax laser devices to use at home for a few minutes. At my review here, HairMax company provides a 5 month refund policy if we get no results within 5-6 months.


Kindly tell us what you think!

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