LaserGain Xl Review – Is This As Effective As Claimed? Find Out Here!

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LaserGain Xl Review – Is This As Effective As Claimed? Find Out Here!

During my research for effective laser combs, I came across the LaserGain XL device which claims to be the most effective and the best selling laser comb. 

Loss of hair is medically termed alopecia or balding, and does not only happen on the scalp. It is usually hereditary based and can also be triggered by some medications or illness over the entire body.

Men are more likely to suffer from loss of hair than women. The treatment and medication for hair loss ranges from the use of topical creams and lotions – minoxidil and finasteride, anti-inflammatory medications – prescription steroid-based creams or injections, surgery to laser therapy.

Currently, treatment standard for pattern balding is therapy with minoxidil and finasteride, with hair transplantation as a surgical option.

However, low level laser treatment (LLLT) for hair loss is now also promoted as a safe alternative or rather an additional treatment. It is regarded as a revolutionary, non-invasive breakthrough for both men and women suffering the devastating effects of hair loss, thus giving hope for individuals suffering from androgenetic alopecia (genetic) hair loss.

This calls for a review of this LaserGain XL comb making known and clear the truth or myth accompanying this device. It’s normal we all want the complete information.


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Name of Product: LaserGain XL

Primary Website:


Minimum Price: eBay Price – $98.50

Overall Rank (out of 100): 87 Points

Recommended Usage: Claims Results in Few Weeks

Money Back Guarantee: 8 Month Refund Policy

What is LaserGain XL ?

LaserGain XL is marketed as a powerful laser based device designed to restore lost hairs. It is manufactured in USA.

According to the product owner, this laser comb provides the most effective and powerful technology where it uses more lasers than other products to help re-grow our hair and impede shedding of hair.

This laser based device is said to be specifically designed at an ideal position to create accurate fuller coverage for superior results. Interesting! This can hold only if the proofs are evidenced based.

More product details reveal that the device is designed with lasers (improved technology) rather than LED in the stimulation of hair follicles. Could this be a guarantee that it will re-grow and/or restore lost hair in individuals suffering from hair loss? 

Maybe, this and other information we may see about LaserGain XL will give further insight as regards its effectiveness.

This is suggested to be used 3 times a week for 10-15 minutes in the areas of the head where growth is needed.

Following the LaserGain XL instruction guide, the hair needs to be washed with Nizoral shampoo and dried before using the the laser treatment. During the treatment, the LaserGain device is kept no further than two (2) inches away from the scalp.

Evidently, the manufacturer showed pictures of users and I could also find feedbacks given about it. It seems that it is accompanied by more favorable information. Who knows?

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The Content

This laser comb has been regarded as an economical device that gives more lasers than any other in the market. It has been claimed to be far cheaper and in a way better than other laser combs; up to 28 times more powerful than other laser combs.Lasergain-Xl-Review-Is-This-As-Effective-As-Claimed-Find-Out-Here-Before-and-After-Results-Reviews-eBay-Laser-Gain-Hair-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

From our information source, LaserGain XL incorporates 32 lasers (industrial standard wavelength of 655nm with 5mw power).

As explained, the 32 beams are what classified that this treatment is as a low level laser device.

More details below! 

Who is LaserGain XL For?

In line with the description of the device, LaserGain XL is said to be designed for both men and women who suffer from hair loss. 

It should work for all types of hair to restore fallen out hairs and prevent further loss of hairs.

The product details also imply that folks who want a more powerful and affordable hair loss treatment will find it beneficial.

More so, it should not be used to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease or ailment.

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How Does It Work?

LaserGain XL comb promotes to use legitimate lasers which directly stimulate the hair follicle causing hair growth. Its effect is based on the Low Level Laser Technology (LLLT).

As described, the device should deliver light energy and cause photo-biostimulation in live hair follicles, thus causing the cells to divide and re-proliferate.

According to the claims, LaserGain XL is not as aesthetically appealing as some of the more expensive combs but concentrates on the 28 FDA compliant individual lasers for the most effective hair re-growth therapy possible in a few weeks.

This laser comb should cover a large part of your scalp, as regards to size requiring a lesser repetitive combing.

The laser device light diffuses once it hits the scalp which gives more coverage than what may appear on the surface of the scalp. In general therapeutic lasers are not powerful enough to cause tissue heating or burning. Low level laser therapy (LLLT) stimulates cellular metabolism by photo-bio stimulation; energy transfer into the scalp cells.


Pros: The ClaimsLasergain-Xl-Review-Is-This-As-Effective-As-Claimed-Find-Out-Here-Before-and-After-Results-Reviews-eBay-Laser-Gain-Hair-Growth-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

  • Treats Hair Loss;
  • Supports healthy Hair Growth;
  • Promotes Thicker and Fuller Hair;
  • Claims Faster Result;
  • FDA Compliant Device;
  • More Laser Content;
  • Claims It’s Cost Effective
  • 7 Additional Lasers;
  • Ergonomic Design;
  • Requires lesser repetitive movements;
  • Money Back Guarantee;
  • Official Website Exists;
  • Claims it’s Rated #1;
  • Before and after pictures Exist;
  • Has Four (4) Years Warranty;
  • Ships with Tracking Worldwide.


  1. The design is crude;
  2. It may require continuous use for constant result;
  3. Result will not be typical between users.

Customer Support/Guarantee

LaserGain XL comb is said to be marketed to over 24 countries with favourable customer support in place.

The manufacturers mention that they provide 24/7 customer service to resolve any of the queries we might have with the product.

Contact with the customer service can be made through eBay or support(at)

In case of unfavourable results, LaserGain XL promotes an 8 month 100% refund of money. This product can be purchased online through debit cards including Visa, Discover, MasterCard and PayPal.

However, having a PayPal account is recommended as it eases purchase of this laser device.

Conclusion and Recommendation

There’s no harm in giving this laser device a try so far it is used according to instructions.

There have been several testimonials and/or feedbacks from previous users that prove the effectiveness of LaserGain XL. 

Notwithstanding, I still believe laser therapy in general would only improve the quality of the hair, making it look fuller, youthful and thicker and play little or no appreciable role in re-growing hair in people that have complete bald areas that have been void of hair for a long time and dead hair follicles, rather proves more useful for individuals with diffuse hair loss.

Having seen this unbiased and first class information about LaserGain XL, I urge us to check it out from its official website or on eBay ( and experience the effect ourselves.


I want to believe that this review helps. Kindly leave your concerns while I respond to you in due time! 

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