Laser Cap Results – Laser Cap for Hair Growth Reviews – Before and After Here

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Laser Cap Results – Laser Cap for Hair Growth Reviews – Before and After Here

The Laser Cap laser hair growth cap is who I found online during my painstaking research for hair loss treatments, which claims to achieve significant results as regards hair loss.

To maintain a normal hair, the rate at which hairs leave the head must be commensurate to the rate at which they grow. This can only take place when the right approaches are taken to checkmate the different factors (drugs, hormones, age, hereditary, autoimmune) that cause hair loss.

There seems to be no easy cure to hair loss, but there are options from different companies, yet not most of them are really effective.

So could this LaserCap be one of those common products which claims to be effective without achieving results? It seems the manufacturer’s details claims it’s a powerful product, still we need to get the real details.

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Name of Product: LaserCap® LCPRO™

Official Website:


Minimum Price: Price Varies

Overall Rank (out of 100): 87 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 12 Weeks

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is LaserCap® ?

LaserCap® is marketed as the first wearable light therapy device for hair growth. It was designed by Michael Rabin, MD, and M.I.T.-trained optical physicist David Smith, PhD, in collaboration with award winning hair restoration physician, Robert Haber, MD, and Harvard-based photo-medicine expert, Michael Hamblin, PhD.

The LaserCap® is known to be a low level laser therapy device and what it should do according to the manufacturers is to stop hair loss, baldness, thinning and re-grow the hair in women. It promotes to be a professional approach to the medical management of hair loss in women.

According them, it is designed for optimal result and backed by experts in the field of science and medicine. It states to be a non-surgical solution to treating hair loss in women and should cause no harmful side effects.

This technology is said to be initially restricted to some hair clinic before the advent of LaserCap® LCPRO™ which one can take home for a more effective hair loss treatment.

The initial step is to make an appointment with a specialized hair growth physician. The physician will make a hair assessment; provide the LaserCap LCPRO™ and usage recommendations.

The manufacturer shares that follow up doctor’s visits are recommended so as to monitor treatment progress. LaserCap® LCPRO™ can also be used with other treatments, including PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy and hair transplanting.

This laser hair growth solution is available through a network of physicians of which one can easily get one close-by through the product’s official website.

The makers do offer guarantee and it seems they have quite a good number of evidence to support their product claims.

LaserCap® Content

LaserCap® incorporates 224 laser diodes for optimal power with full light coverage and even light distribution.

The direction is to Insert the LaserCap® LCPRO™ into any hat of choice. Then charge the battery pack when in the off position.laser-cap-results-laser-cap-for-hair-growth-reviews-before-and-after-here-lasercap-lcpro-laser-hair-therapy-system-hairloss-restoration-reviews

Connect the battery pack to the LaserCap® LCPRO™. Turn on the power switch and wear per the manual’s instructions.

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How Does LaserCap® Work?

According to the manufacturer, LaserCap® employs low level energy light therapy to enhance the cellular respiratory function by stimulating the cell of the hair follicles.

This device is said to work with the principle that cells whose functions are enhanced are capable of making the hair follicles function better. This should in turn produce fuller and healthier hair.

LaserCap®, according to them should be worn for 36 minutes every day and its hair re-growing effect will be noticeable within twelve (12) weeks of efficient use. It is designed to produce optimal power for best results in users.

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Who Is It For?

LaserCap® LCPRO™ manufacturer promotes that this hair loss treatment device is specifically designed for women who are suffering from hair loss.

This should mean that people in this group who want to address their hair loss problems and re-grow the hair will find this device beneficial.

The manufacturer’s description of this device implies that folks who want to avoid the harmful side effects of using drugs, surgery, pills to correct hair loss will find LaserCap® helpful.

It is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease and should be used by folks who are up to 18 years of age.

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  • Revitalizes the Follicles;
  • Stops Hair Loss;
  • Achieves Hair Growth;
  • Eliminates Thinning;
  • FDA Certified;
  • No Side Effects;
  • No Surgeries;
  • Clinically Proven
  • Has Official Website;
  • Positive Feedbacks Abound;
  • Company’s Profile Exists;
  • Money Back guarantee.


  1. Must see and get prescribed by a doctor before purchasing it.

Customer Support/Guarantee

According to the manufacturer, the LaserCap® is accompanied by a three (3) years warranty from the date of purchase. It is made in U.S as a high quality light-based hair loss treatment device. Therefore, it should be safe and effective without any harmful side effects.

The company states to offer superior customer service to the customers ranging from providing a replacement center for patients who need to order accessories for their device to providing a channel through which they can be contacted.

The information brochures and manuals are downloadable. They also have some video tutorials for customers on how to use the LaserCap; charge and clean it.

Final Facts

Having gone through the details about LaserCap®, I want to believe that we have been enlightened as to what users should expect and not to expect from using this product.

Is it ideal to say that it is effective? The details gathered so far must come to play.

Evidently, LaserCap® showed some proofs and recommendations that back up their product claims. This makes the product more credible.

Similarly, the device is accompanied by an incredible warranty (3 years) and is said to be designed in compliance with good manufacturing practice by world class leaders in science, medicine and technology. This could be a sign that the manufacturer stands behind each product of theirs.

Here is what I have to say!

From my research and information gathered before putting up this review, I can say that LaserCap® is a real deal worth giving a short as regards hair loss treatment and hair re-growth in even women.

Check out the product’s official website or go on eBay ( and get what’s best for you.

Feel free to leave your comments underneath from your experience!

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