HDC Hair Transplant Clinic – A Thorough Evaluation of HDC Treatment Approach! A Must Read!

In HDC Hair Transplant Clinic

HDC Hair Transplant Clinic – A Thorough Evaluation of HDC Treatment Approach! A Must Read!

Researchers from HDC Hair Transplant Clinic have it that Hair Transplant is amongst the options that are considered in hair loss cases.

It might interest us to know that there are many hair transplant establishments with different or the same approaches to addressing hair loss.

Some of these establishments whose methods are advanced in one way or the other deliver good result whereas another group of them simply make false claims.

With HDC Hair Transplant Clinic before us, in what category do they fit in considering what they have to offer?
We can ascertain this but a comprehensive brief on the whole information about this hair solution clinic must come to play.

Sit back and get the complete information!


Name: HDC Hair Transplant ClinicHDC-Hair-Transplant-Clinic-A-Thorough-Evaluation-of-HDC-Treatment-Approach-A-Must-Read-Before-and-After-Results-Photos-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

Website Found: www.HairTransplants-Hdc.com

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Minimum Price: Depends on What Procedure

Overall Rank (out of 100): 97 Points

Recommended Period of Usage: Unknown

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown

What is HDC Hair Transplant Clinic ?

HDC Hair Transplant Clinic promotes to be a leading hair restoration Centre in Europe specializing in Follicular Hair Transplantation (FUE).

HDC Hair Transplant Clinic is based in Cyprus. The information about them shares that they have been carrying out hair transplant by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and other methods since 2003. This is quite a long time. Having been in the industry since 2003, I want to believe that they have real proofs of what they do.

Evidently, there is competition in the hair restoration industry. Consequently, this hair transplant clinic mentions to be ahead of the competition with their hair restoration techniques that is constantly improving.HDC-Hair-Transplant-Clinic-A-Thorough-Evaluation-of-HDC-Treatment-Approach-A-Must-Read-Before-and-After-Results-Photos-Images-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

More into what they do!

HDC Hair Transplant Clinic is said to be comprised of three sectors that cover patients’ needs when it comes to hair loss solutions. These should include:

  • Hair Loss Treatment;
  • Hair Transplantation Surgery (FUE and Strip);
  • Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Solutions.

From my research and findings, they specializes majorly in hair transplant surgery (FUE and strip).

A hair transplant is known to be a minor surgical procedure whereby the donor hair is removed from the back or side of the scalp (donor area) and placed in the balding or thinning area of the scalp (recipient area).

From their explanation, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method is done when one follicular unit of hair is removed at a time from the donor area using a specialized punch that is not up to 1mm in diameter.

The Strip Harvesting technique is described as a hair transplantation method that involves the removal of the follicular units from the donor area all together in one strip from the back area of the head.

HDC Hair Transplant Clinic mentions to offer strip technique only in special cases as they achieve better results using the FUE method.


  • According to them, the hair anatomy is not affected;
  • The Follicular Unit Extraction Method leaves no linear scarring;
  • There hair transplant procedure is said to produce a natural look with no visible scarring;
  • Proper Strip extraction and closing of the donor area;
  • Correct follicular unit dissection;
  • Correct graft hydration as well as storage;
  • Recipient site creation using correct angulations, direction and pattern;
  • Creation of a natural hairline design;
  • Careful placement of grafts during the surgery with the proper technique to avoid their damage;
  • Proper hair transplant post surgery care;
  • Fast Recovery period with minimal discomfort;
  • HDC mentions to give patients the best medical advice and treatment;
  • HDC promotes to have employed experienced team of medical experts in the hair restoration industry for over 10 years.

It is a general believe that hair transplant is a painful procedure. When doing the procedure with HDC Hair Transplant Clinic, I discovered that they give patients local anesthetics and other medications before the procedure to take care of any potential discomfort. They do give medications after the procedure as well.

Though a minimal percentage of the transplanted hair may be lost as a patient age, all transplanted hair should last for a lifetime.

In line with the information given in clinic’s official website, an individual’s degree of hair loss will determine the number of procedures that will be used during hair restoration.

Customer Support/Guarantee

HDC Hair Transplant Clinic is said to be a hair restoration clinic that is built with a major aim of providing the best and lasting solution to hair loss in individuals who experience it.

The facility, according to them is built with the latest technology and instruments that are specially designed for patients’ comfort and convenience.HDC-Hair-Transplant-Clinic-A-Thorough-Evaluation-of-HDC-Treatment-Approach-A-Must-Read-Before-and-After-Result-Photos-Images-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

Customers should get a free online evaluation from HDC medical team by filling an online request form in their official website.

They promote to offer a step by step guide to patients’ hair loss options and an education center through which we will be enlightened about hair loss and possible permanent solutions.

They share to have a large portfolio of successful patients with experienced staffs and medical team dedicated to producing state-of-the-art results.

Additionally, HDC Hair Transplant Clinic should offer exceptional welcoming services to international customers. They should also offer them at a competitive price with no hidden cost.

Conclusion/My Personal Opinion

HDC as we have seen from the review claims to be the leading hair restoration clinic in Europe with several years of experience in the industry.

Evidently, the description about what they do is somewhat explicit of which they specialize in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). As for me, more information is needed on the whole hair restoration methods they mention to offer.

The testimonials in HDC official website are positive. However, a good number of clients mention to have had bad experience with HDC Hair Transplant Clinic procedure in other review website.

Though, the number of people talking positive about HDC Hair Transplant Clinic is minimal, it seems they are rated as one of the best hair restoration facility by a good number of review sites.

What I will do if I somewhat needed my hair transplanted is to apply for their online consultation where they should also show me real results from their previous work. I suggest you do the same and see it if its for you or not as well!


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4 commentsOn HDC Hair Transplant Clinic – A Thorough Evaluation of HDC Treatment Approach! A Must Read!

  • The clinic offers great services, my husband got treated there and we are extremely happy with full results and overall experience. Btw superb, what a blog you have Julio! This weblog provides helpful facts to us, keep it up.

    • Hey Hannah,

      Awesome, thanks for sharing and I appreciate the feedback!

      Julio – Hair Reviewer

  • This is where a good friend of mines got his full head hair transplanted and the results looks good. I’m looking for a second job so I can start my treatment. What do you say man?

    • Hey Klas,

      If you have money, Sure, why not!? However, there are other much cheaper hair restoration treatments out there, that will cost our pockets less to regrow your hair. Look at some of the products/devices here on my website that we have reviewed. There are a few incredible options for you to see and go from there.

      Cheers, For Your Best
      Julio – Hair Reviewer

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