Hair Growth Laser 50 Review – Is This Worth The Claims? What Are the Reviews? See Complete Information!

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Hair Growth Laser 50 Review – Is This Worth The Claims? What Are the Reviews? See Complete Information!

A product by the name Hair Growth Laser 50 claims to be the top most hair re-growth device.

It is made by a US based company which claims to have designed the product to be superior to those of their competitors.

A quick glance through the product’s official website, it looks very informative because the product details seem well articulated.

On a second thought, I decided to scroll down more into the webpage where I noticed that there may be some guarantee as regards the product’s use.

Will Hair Growth Laser 50 leave up to its claims? How does it work to achieve the different benefits?

My work here is to get all the relevant information about this product, put them together for us to understand them and know whether it’s for us or not.

You simply have to read down this honest information to know more.Hair-Growth-Laser-50-Review-Is-This-Worth-The-Claims-What-Are-the-Reviews-See-Complete-Information-Laser-Device-Before-and-After-Results-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews


Name of Product: Hair Growth Laser 50

Official Website:

Minimum Price: XP50 Price – $549.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 94 Points

Recommended Usage: Results Within 12 Weeks

Refund Policy: 120 Day Money Back Guarantee

What is Hair Growth Laser 50 ?

Hair Growth Laser 50 is distributed as the most effective hair re-growth and hair enhancement device available in today’s market.

It promotes to be a hands-free device and what it should do is to stop hair loss and improve the condition of thinning hair.

In line with the manufacturer’s details, men and women who resort to the use of this product should maintain a thicker and fuller hair.

As explained in the product’s description, we should save thousands of dollars with Hair Growth Laser 50 unlike going for laser hair salon treatments.

The device is said to provide full hair coverage and can be combined with other hair treatments without experiencing any side effect.

To experience the effect, it is recommended that we should use the device 15-20 minutes (once daily) three (3) times a week with a day in between each treatment. But can we use this device as frequently as we want?

The manufacturer made it clear that a more frequent use of the Hair Growth Laser 50 will not increase the result.

As explained, we as users are expected to achieve maximum result within one year hence, can add a maintenance treatment of one to two times a week.

One may want to know what people who have used the product in the past are saying about it. Yes, I could find some positive reviews about this product on the manufacturer’s official website.Hair-Growth-Laser-50-Review-Is-This-Worth-The-Claims-What-Are-the-Reviews-See-Complete-Information-Laser-Device-Before-and-After-Result-Website-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

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The Components

Hair Growth Laser 50 is known to contain 50 lasers each of which is 5 milliwatts and 650nm red laser light.

According to the manufacturer, it state that it is FDA approved. There are data that validate this in the product’s official website.

The product owner also shared the refund terms and condition backing up the product. This is a plus, anyway.

How Does Hair Growth Laser 50 Work?

From our information source, Hair Growth Laser 50 is said to work with the principle of photo-stimulation peculiar to low level laser treatments.

While providing maximum coverage to the scalp, this device should stimulate the hair follicle, increase blood flow in the scalp with a resultant thicker, fuller and healthier hair growth.

The increased circulation of blood should provide the surrounding hair tissue with more nutrients to re-grow the hair; healthier and thicker.

Has Hair Growth Laser 50 got anything to do with DHT? The stimulating effect of this device is said to counteract the damaging effect of DHT in the scalp.

Additionally, clinical studies have shown that low level laser treatment stimulates cellular metabolism causing damaged cells to repair themselves thereby allowing the hair to re-grow.

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Who Is Hair Growth Laser 50 For?

Hair Growth Laser 50 manufacturers claim it’s for men and women of any age who are experiencing hair loss and thinning hair.

What are the specific conditions in which one would think of using this product?

It claims to be beneficial to folks who want to prevent hair loss while achieving a fuller, thicker and a healthier hair.

The manufacturer’s description implies that it is for folks who want a more powerful hair loss treatment and hair re-growth product.

It is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or ailment.



  • Stops Hair Loss in Both Sex;
  • Supports New Hair Growth;
  • Gives Maximum Scalp Coverage;
  • Increases Hair Shine And Appearance;
  • Repair Thin, Over Processed Hair
  • Claims To Heal Split Ends;
  • Longer Lasting And More Vibrant Hair;
  • Thicker and Fuller Hair Appearance;
  • Optimizes Deep Conditioning Treatments;
  • No Heat And Safe To Use;
  • Improves Hair Texture;
  • Combined With Other Treatments;
  • No More Stressful Appointments;
  • Contains 50 Laser Beams;
  • No Hidden Costs;
  • No Harsh Chemicals;
  • Hands Free Hair Treatment;
  • Good for Commercial Use;
  • Money Back Guarantee.


  1. Most of the customers’ reviews are restricted to the product’s official website;
  2. Hair Growth Laser 50 is only available for online purchase;
  3. The product is not portable (it is cumbersome).

Customer Support/Guarantee

The manufacturer of Hair Growth Laser 50 states to have used clinical strength lasers guaranteed to achieve the new hair we want.

I sensed that the company is confident with this product and this could be the only reason why it offers a 100% money back guarantee (120 days) within 4 months.

Shipping the product within the US is free as mentioned on the company’s website.

Hair Growth Laser 50 should achieve permanent result without causing any harmful effect.Hair-Growth-Laser-50-Review-Is-This-Worth-The-Claims-What-Are-the-Reviews-See-Complete-Information-Laser-Device-Before-After-Results-Website-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

Users can communicate with the company through a phone (toll-free or fax) or by sending emails to them.

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Final Facts

Permit me to say that the manufacturer of this hair treatment device has done well by providing the details we need to know; though not all.

Evidently, Hair Growth Laser 50 is a LLLT (low level light treatment). The claim is that we can use it at our convenient to achieve our hair enhancement needs. There are positive feedbacks about this device, but they are mostly seen in the company’s primary website.

Apart from being powerful, effective and easy to use as claimed, the manufacturer showed picture(s) of result achieve with this device within 12 weeks.

In my own opinion, this product is one of these conventional low laser light hair treatment and I don’t think it incorporates any other exceptional feature.

Yes, it has 50 laser beams; I had in the past seen similar devices with more laser content. For now, we can check it out bearing in mind that we are covered by the company’s 120 days refund policy.

So, we can head on to the product’s website and see what’s best for us.


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