Greco Medical Group Review – What do They Have to Offer for Hair Restoration? Find Out Here!

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Greco Medical Group Review – What do They Have to Offer for Hair Restoration? Find Out Here!

An establishment in the US by the name Greco Medical Group claims to offer a permanent solution to hair loss.

A glance in their main website shows that they promote to restore lost hair in affected individual using different procedures (invasive and non-invasive methods).

Having evaluated a large groups of hair restoration products and procedures in the past (the effective and the non-effective ones), what could be the guarantee as regards the safety and the effectiveness of Greco Medical Group procedures?

Going through their main primary website more proper, I could discover that they have well detailed description of what they do.

Because we are just introducing this group here, we will not uncover all that they do here.

Read further to get the whole details!


Name: Greco Medical GroupGreco-Medical-Group-Review–What-do-They-Have-to-Offer-for-Hair-Restoration-Find-Out-Here-Results-Transp-Website-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Website Found:

Minimum Price: Depends on What Procedure

Overall Rank (out of 100): 96 Points

Recommended Period: Depends

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown

Who is Greco Medical Group ?

Greco Medical Group is known to be an organization of medical personnel who pioneer themselves as experts in the field of hair restoration and hair health. They promote to be the internationally recognized leaders in biologic hair restoration.

In a more simple explanation, it is said to be a three generation family who specialize in hair restoration.

They mentioned to have treated thousands of males and females from over 30 countries, including the most recognizable personalities in business, sports and entertainment in the past 60 years.

Greco Medical Group is run by Dr. Greco, PhD, PA/C (a widely published lecturer, teacher and Director of Clinical Research of OroGen BioSciences; a Biotechnical company specializing in growth factor stem cell technology) with his other medical colleagues; Dr. E Kuriakose and Dr. Koriakose.

Greco hair restoration approaches seem to provide permanent solution to hair loss, there is no information as to whether they cause any harm to the body or not.

In line with my research and findings, Greco Medical Group approach to hair restoration are either invasive (hair transplantation by surgery) or non-invasive (use of Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP).

Greco Medical Group Methods

Non-Surgical Treatment for Hair Loss

In line with the details about Greco Medical Group in their official website, the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as a non-surgical treatment for hair loss disease was pioneered by Dr. Greco.

It has been described as an adjunctive therapy used around the world for hair loss diseases.

How Does it Work?

According the information in the Greco Medical Group website, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is produced by taking a small amount of blood and separating the blood components.

They mention that four percent of our blood is made of platelets on which surface there exist as many as 1100 growth factors or proteins. The later are usually concentrated to regenerate human cells.

According to them, the growth factors work in numerous ways to improve and regenerate the hair by providing nutrition and promoting new blood supply to the follicle; increasing hair shaft size.

Greco Medical Group claim to have achieved positive result in men and women in 70% out of 4,000 treatments with PRP.

Additionally, the group promotes to employ other next generation and exclusive method for hair restoration. These should include CRP (a purified form of PRP with higher levels of growth factor) and the Extra Cellular Matrix (combined as “GF/ECM”; the most effective and efficient method to stimulate cell proliferation).

According to Greco Medical Group both CRP and ECM can be combined with PRP for an immediate burst of growth factors.Greco-Medical-Group-Review–What-do-They-Have-to-Offer-for-Hair-Restoration-Find-Out-Here-Results-Transp-Medical-Website-Bio-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Hair Transplantation Surgery

Bio-Enhanced Hair Transplantation

According to Greco Medical Group, bio-enhanced hair restoration surgery uses our own cells to enhance the result of all phases of the procedure to heal faster, yield hair sooner, denser and also promote the growth of the non-transplanted hair.


Greco Medical Group promotes to have developed a proprietary way to utilize the adipose or fat tissue from our donor tissue, rich in stem cells, to promote rapid healing of the donor site, an undetectable scar, increase the yield and density of transplanted hairs.

According to them, the stem cells can be used in combination procedures for Bio-Facial skin rejuvenation and ortho-biologic treatments such as severe knee arthritis as well as in other joints and soft tissue problems.


Bio FUE™ is said to be an exclusive Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure developed by Greco Medical Group. According to them, it combines NeoGraft technology to enhance the healing time and yield of transplanted hairs.

They explained that to carry out the procedure, regenerative cells from patients’ blood are infused into the FUE donor site for rapid healing and to promote the growth of transected hairs. Subsequently, all follicular units are bathed in the patients’ growth factor (protein) rich culture medium to reduce cell death and help increase the yield of transplanted follicular units.

Then, the patient’s enriched cells are injected into the transplanted area to promote faster healing, rapid hair growth of the transplanted hairs as well as to improve the quality and aesthetic density of the existing non-transplanted hair.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Evidently, Greco Medical group’s restoration methods are based on various research and internationally recognized methods most of which are exclusive to them.

The group is run by renowned medical experts who seem to know their onion in the hair restoration industry.

Greco Medical Group promotes to provide free online hair restoration consultation for their customers to determine the hair restoration method that best suits them.Greco-Medical-Group-Review–What-do-They-Have-to-Offer-for-Hair-Restoration-Find-Out-Here-Results-Transp-Medical-Website-Becoming-Alpha-Male

There is also a platform for live chat in their official website. They mention to use only FDA approved devices in their practices.

They can be reached through the different channels available in their official website.

Bottom Line Conclusion

With this information about the Greco Medical Group, I believe we have been enlightened on what they can offer as well as the odds, if any, of their hair restoration approach.

Evidently, the members of the group are all medical experts who have pioneered one or more internationally recognized research/discovery in the hair restoration industry.

Their method of initially consulting clients and suggesting treatment plans that suit them is a plus.

Obviously, their hair restoration practices and successes have been published in known media establishments.

Here is my contribution!

I could recommend Greco hair restoration method to folks (men and women) who want a permanent solution to hair loss by medical procedures. Others who can’t afford like myself, I would just go for some natural hairloss and hair restoration home based products, such as the Watermans Luxury Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner.watermans-luxury-hair-growth-shampoo-and-conditioner-a-complete-review-from-results-before-and-after-pictures-hair-growth-treatment-system-growme-conditionme-hairloss-restoration-reviews

Yes, these hair growth shampoo and conditioner is less expensive approach to try it out before taking a transparent procedure.


So just feel drop me your comments below! It’s a pleasure of mines to hear what you have to say.

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