Focused Light Therapy Hair Growth Comb by Q-Power Zone – A Comprehensive Review!

In Q-Power Zone Hair Growth Comb

Focused Light Therapy Hair Growth Comb by Q-Power Zone – A Comprehensive Review!

A light therapy based hair comb which goes by the name Focused Light Therapy Hair Growth Comb by Q-Power Zone claims to be effective for our hairloss solution.

Ideally, no folk out there will be comfortable losing hairs.

In line with several studies by some renowned researchers, it has been discovered that hair loss is attributed to factors which may includes, but not limited to hormone(s) (Dihydroxytestosterone), heredity, chemical substances and/or stress (emotional/physical factors).

With the advent of modernization, hair loss as well as the several factors that cause hair loss can, to an extent, be controlled; a way of reducing its incidence.

Therefore, the Hair Growth Comb by Q-Power Zone states to handle hair loss from its major cause and re-grows lost hair

Right now, we will not say that these claims are falsified until we go through all the details about this device.

Keep reading to get the whole information!



Name of Product: Q-Power Zone Hair Growth Comb

Webpages Found: Mainly on Amazon Site

Minimum Price: Amazon Has it For $29.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 66 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Amazon Covers Terms & Conditions

What is Q-Power Zone Hair Growth Comb ?

This promotes to be a Hair Growth Comb by Q-Power Zone. Q-Power Zone states that their Light Therapy Hair Growth Comb stimulates the growth of the hair follicle from the root.

As implied in the manufacturer’s description of the product, the above effect will bring about the development and/or growth of healthy hair(s) in folks who are experiencing hair loss.

In an effort to get more information about this light based Hair Growth Comb, I discovered that prospective users of this device can only find it on the Amazon website.

Also, I could not find even a single positive review from any previous user of the device.

From experience, a product without a feedback is either very new in the market or ineffective. Can we tell the case here?

In addition to the details seen so far about the Q-Power Zone Hair Growth Comb, the product manufacturer recommends the use of this device for ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes a day for best results.

Users of this product should see results in as little as two weeks of using the device. On the other hand, the manufacturer claims that a good number of its users experience noticeable result in two (2) to four (4) months of a daily consistent use of the product.

It seems there are other important facts about this Hair Growth Comb! We will find out.

Don’t stop here!

How Does it Work?

In line with the product details in the third party website where it is found, this  Hair Growth Comb shares to utilize coherent red light projected through a line generated in a divergent monochromatic beam.

From the manufacturer’s description, this device should increase the flow of blood in the scalp.

Therefore, it facilitates the growth of the hair follicles and ultimately the growth of healthy looking hairs.

Additionally, Q-Power Zone Hair Growth Comb should cover the entire hair area affected; by projecting a continuous beam over the intended area.

Who Is it For?

The manufacturer of the Focused Light Therapy Hair Growth Comb (Q-Power Zone) claims it’s for folks who are affected by hair loss.

From the product’ information, I could not find any statement that specifies if this device is for men or women. This could be a sign that the product is not of the expected quality.

In a clearer context, if my hairs are falling out and I want to re-grow new hairs fast, the maker of Hair Growth Comb claims that this device will work for me.

Similarly, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment.


The Positives:Focused-Light-Therapy-Hair-Growth-Comb-by-Q-Power-Zone-A-Comprehensive-Review-Results-Amazon-Website-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

  • Stimulates Hair Growth;
  • Supports Healthy Hair;
  • Covers the Entire Hair Area Affected;
  • Permanent Result;
  • Safe and Effective;
  • Easy to Use;
  • No Side Effect.

The Negatives:

  1. No statement was seen to show if the device is recommended or not from professionals;
  2. The company’s details were not found;
  3. Nothing found from users’ reviews;
  4. No before and after pictures show users’ result;
  5. No official primary website found;
  6. The product’s information is limited.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Firstly, Q-Power Zone Hair Growth Comb is only marketed on the Amazon website, which it has no official website found.

I discovered that Amazon ( can issue refund to customers for this device within three (3) days; certainly, this is for defective or wrong item.

Evidently, the device is portable, easy to use and as well as the uses of battery. But providing the prospective users of this product with a guarantee would have made the company’s claims substantial.

Conclusion/My Personal Opinion

As we have seen, this Light Therapy Hair Growth Comb by Q-Power Zone claims to cause significant re-growth of hair in people who are suffering from alopecia.

Now, I have painstakingly made some good research about this device and I could not find where it is proven to work or recommended for the benefits it claims.

That aside, Q-Power Zone Hair Growth Comb shows nothing reviewed by any previous user. Therefore, I have not found any pictures showing the results of previous users as well.

Q-Power Zone did not give any substantial guarantee about their so called hair growth comb. That is, there is zero chance that unsatisfied users of this device will get a refund.

Q-Power Zone Hair Growth Comb has no primary website and I could not find any information about the product manufacturer(s).

Does it mean they exist in the air? Certainly, this is not possible, but it is sold on the Amazon retail website (

My saying here!

I personally will not recommend Q-Power Zone Hair Growth Comb for people who want to achieve hair re-growth. I will rather purchase a product that is proven effective and tested for re-growing the hair.


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