CatalaseNow Reviews – Is this Supplement of Pills Really Effective? See Review for Details Below!

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CatalaseNow Reviews – Is this Supplement of Pills Really Effective? See Review for Details Below!

Searching through the internet, I ran into the CatalaseNow hair supplement of pills and it claims to achieve unrivaled benefits as regards enhancing the hair.

Research has shown that loss of vibrancy of the hair is among the sign that one is aging. People spend millions of dollars on dyes/creams to maintain the hair and maintain a youthful appearance.

Yet, some questions, do hair loss supplements really work? There are indeed supplements that claim to maintain the hair and restore the hair to a desired state.

In this review, we will look at CatalaseNow and in doing so, try to see if it has any evidence showing that it stops improves the hair. This will guide us in making the right decisions as regards this product and others.

Hopefully by the end of this review, we will have a better idea on whether the Catalase Now capsules are right for us.

Read the review for details!catalasenow-reviews-is-this-supplement-of-pills-really-effective-see-review-for-details-below-results-before-and-after-pictures-pills-hairloss-restoration-reviews

Name of Product: Catalase aka CatalaseNow

Official Website:

Catalsenow available on Amazon check here

Minimum Price: 12 Bottles Supply – $79.20 = $280.20

Overall Rank (out of 100): 71 Points

Recommended Period of Usage: Within at Least 90 Days

Money Back Guarantee: 120 Day Refund Policy

What is CatalaseNow ?

Catalase or CatalaseNow is marketed as an all-in one super premium formula designed to create a vibrant looking hair in men and women.

According to the manufacturer, this formula of pills is a high quality natural supplement and what it should do is to enhance the hair making it look thicker, fuller and healthier.

In line with the product’s details, CatalaseNow was launched in 2011 by a leading U.S based company as a result of research done with the Catalase enzymes owing to its ability to breakdown hydrogen peroxide.

CatalaseNow makers mention that it is made under Good Manufacturing Practice with highest quality/pure component.

What of the scientific support and/or FDA approval? The manufacturer explains that CatalaseNow does not have FDA approval because it is a vitamin supplement and therefore, does not need an approval.

Is it safe then? We will find out as we go further into the review. It seems the manufacturers offer flexible packages, and guarantee.

Continue reading for more details!   

Ingredient’s Profile

Catalase or Catalase Now is available in a container of 60 capsules (1 month supply) and the recommendation is to take two capsules at once daily with a meal. CatalaseNow should not cause any harmful side effects as it is completely natural.

CatalaseNow capsules promotes to incorporate a proprietary blend of highest quality and natural ingredients. These should include:

  • Catalase – 5000 iucatalasenow-reviews-is-this-supplement-of-pills-really-effective-see-review-for-details-below-results-before-and-after-pictures-pills-capsules-website-hairloss-restoration-reviews
  • Copper – 1 mg
  • Zinc oxide – 10 mg
  • Saw Palmetto – 300 mg
  • Vitamin B-6 – 10 mg
  • Horsetail – 100 mg
  • Plant Sterols – 100 mg
  • Folic Acid – 400 mcg
  • Para-Aminobenzoic Acid – 200 mg
  • Chlorophyll – 20 mg
  • Biotin – 300 mcg
  • L-Tyrosine – 200 mg
  • Fo Ti – 20 mg
  • Pantothenic Acid – 300 mg
  • Nettle Root Extract – 100 mg
  • Barley Grass – 20 mg

How Does CatalaseNow Works?

The manufacturer of CatalaseNow state that it works by breaking down hydrogen peroxide which is said to be implicated in the diminishing vibrancy of the hair.

Similarly, it stimulates the hair follicle, strengthens the hair shaft and amplifies thin hair for a vibrant looking hair.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is known to be a major contributing factor to hair loss. Saw palmetto contained in CatalaseNow is known to inhibit the production of DHT.

According to them, L-tyrosine is beneficial in graying hair as it increases pigmentation and minimizes stress.

Keep reading!

For Whom is CatalaseNow For?

According to the manufacturer, CatalaseNow is designed for men and women who want to make their hair look thicker, fuller and more vibrant.

This supplement, according to them should not be taken by nursing mothers or pregnant women.

It is for adults, that is, people who are up to the age of 18. Folks who are taking other medications or allergic to any of its components should visit a physician before using it.

CatalaseNow pills should not be used in individuals whose case demands the diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure of any disease.



  • Promotes Thicker Hair;catalasenow-reviews-is-this-supplement-of-pills-really-effective-see-review-for-details-below-results-before-and-after-pictures-pills-capsules-hairloss-restoration-reviews
  • Fuller Looking Hair;
  • Stimulates Hair Follicles;
  • More Hair Volume;
  • Strengthen Hair Shaft;
  • Eliminates Thinning;
  • Premium Vitamin Formula;
  • Powerful Super Antioxidant;
  • Safe and Effective;
  • No Side Effects;
  • Money Back Guarantee;
  • Official Website Exists;
  • Company’s Profile Exists;
  • Live Help Available.


  1. May require time to restore the hair to its natural state;
  2. No Scientifically data for proven effectiveness or approval by a health care doctor;
  3. Even though there are previous users’ testimonies, I was unable to find any before and after photos for proof of results.catalasenow-reviews-is-this-supplement-of-pills-really-effective-see-review-for-details-below-results-before-and-after-pictures-pills-capsules-refund-hairloss-restoration-reviews

Customer Support/Guarantee

CatalaseNow manufacturer states to refund unsatisfied users of this hair enhancement formula. That is, if within 120 days of using these hair pills and we are not comfortable with our result, we can contact the manufacturer for a refund.

The ingredients contained in Catalase Now are said to be natural, hence should not cause any harmful side effects.

The company offer promotion packages as well as live help (chat or phone calls) to users of their hair enhancement formula and it is only available online at their official website (

The formula is said to be made in line with GMP with the purest natural ingredients. We can contact the manufacturer through the channels (phone, e-mail, address) provided on their official website.

Bottom Line Conclusion

CatalaseNow as we have seen promotes to be a premium formula that will make our hair vibrant and bring out our youthful appearance.

Undoubtedly, it is made in standard facility, but it does not have scientific and/or doctor approval.

It is worthwhile to mention that from many testimonials online; no user of this anti-greying supplement mentions any side effects, which is a good indication that it is a safe natural product to use even in the long term.

The manufacturer promotes that Catalase Now incorporates powerful ingredients that will guarantee results. The ingredients are known ones and their percentage proportion is stated.

Similar, the company promises to offer an incredible refund guarantee to users of the product. This implies that by using CatalaseNow, users are covered within 120 days and have nothing to lose.

However, nothing found from before and after photos for proof of results, even though there are complete reviews about the formula in other webpages that are positive. Could this be a sign that the manufacturing company stands behind each product of theirs?

Here is the verdict!

CatalaseNow is a natural dietary supplement, though I have not used it in the past. But from the details gathered so far, I would stick to something much more effective and who has proof of evidence from clinical/scientific data, before and after results, and much more.

Which I am going to point you in the right direction for you to check out the Procerin, who is both effective and safe tablets with a topical hair spray for best and maximum results. Yes, click here to visit my review and see everything you need to know !

4 commentsOn CatalaseNow Reviews – Is this Supplement of Pills Really Effective? See Review for Details Below!

  • This catalasenow product seems to works. I’ve seen a significant change in my hair only after about 3 months of using this product. I’ve been using the serving size that was given on the bottom 2 capsules daily and its working pretty well. I also have noticed my hair is falling less.

    • Hey Reginald,

      Awesome to hear man! Thanks for sharing your own results and experience with such product, as it may help others out there!

      Sharing is Caring,
      Julio – Hair Reviewer

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