ATS 64 Diodes Laser Cap Review – Is This a Proven Laser Helmet To Work Effectively? See Details Here!

In ATS 64 Diodes Laser Cap

ATS 64 Diodes Laser Cap Review – Is This a Proven Laser Helmet To Work Effectively? See Details Here!

Apart from the use of prescription medication and the invasive method to combat hair loss, research has shown that light amplification through stimulated emission of radiation also referred to as laser therapy is a non-invasive alternative to treating hair loss.

From my research and findings, the laser therapies are said to have a phototherapeutic effect in the hair follicles.

Now, I just cut across a Laser Cap known as the ATS 64 Diodes Laser Cap. Expectedly, this product claims to handle hair loss irrespective of gender, age or race. This sounds more like what we have been longing for.

It seems the product manufacturers have more laser based hair devices in the market.

However, this is not a guarantee that the laser will do what it claims rather we will evaluate it based on relevant criteria.

Similarly, how does this laser cap work and what is it intended to achieve if it is really a product worth using?

All these and other information about ATS 64 Diodes Laser Cap will be discussed in this honest review.

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Name of Product: ATS 64 Diodes Laser Cap64-Diodes-Laser-Cap-Review-Is-This-a-Proven-Laser-Helmet-To-Work-Effectively-See-Details-Here-Before-and-After-Results-Reviews-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

Website: Found in a Few Retail Sites Click Here to Buy

Minimum Price: Price Ranges – $120-$145

Overall Rank (out of 100): 71 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Must Check with Retailer Sites

What is ATS 64 Diodes Laser Cap ?

This is distributed as a clinical laser therapy that should fit under any hat or scarf. This product is sold under the brand ATS which I found to be the company behind the product.

64 Diodes Laser Cap, according to the manufacturer is designed to slow down hair loss and promote hair growth.

For a fact, science has proven that laser therapy plays great role in reversing the miniaturization of hair follicles. This can only hold for devices that have been confirmed to incorporate high quality laser components.

Digging deeper for more information about ATS 64 Diodes Laser Cap, it is claimed to be a special product with high efficiency lasers for total scalp coverage and maximum hair growth.

The helmet as explained should be consistently used for 20-30 minutes (3-4 times a week) for improved hair quality, strength and thickness.

Evidently, there are no strong positive reviews from customers who have used the helmet in the past and the manufacturer’s profile is yet to be disclosed.

The previous users’ reviews would have given an insight as to whether there are side effects from using the product or not. Also, how long can we as users operate it to see results?

ATS 64 Diodes Laser Cap is said to show results after about 52 treatments without side effects. Are there further details that can prove the effectiveness of this device? Maybe or not!64-Diodes-Laser-Cap-Review-Is-This-a-Proven-Laser-Helmet-To-Work-Effectively-See-Details-Here-Before-and-After-Results-Review-Hairloss-Restoration-Reviews

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What Does It Contain?

In line with the distributor’s information, each package of ATS Laser Cap comes with 64 diodes laser hair re-growth helmet, laser resistant glass, a USB cable and one instruction manual.

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Who Is It For?

This Laser Cap helmet is said to be a hair loss treatment product for both men and women.

In other words, if I want to stimulate hair growth; improve my hair quality, strength and thickness, the makers of this product claims it’s for me.

With this claim known, does this mean that it is a right choice for you and me? Who knows? We cannot conclude on this at this point.

Hair loss as we all may know usually affects one’s confidence and self image; no wonder it is said to trigger anxiety, depression as well as social withdrawal.

As a matter of fact, most folks who are affected would want to handle it discretely. A part of the information about ATS 64 Diodes Laser Cap rhymes with the highlight above where it claims to be a discrete hair loss treatment device. Could this be true?

Yes, the fact that it can be worn under any hat or scarf validates the claim. It should not be allowed to work for more than 40 minutes and can only be charged with a mobile power (power bank) for safety.

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How Does it Work?

From our information source, this product is said to work by increasing the flow of blood in the scalp and the hair follicles through phototherapy.

In paraphrase, it should stimulate microcirculation; improve cellular metabolism and protein synthesis with a resultant healthy, thicker and fuller hair growth.

Additionally, the manufacturer of this Laser hair loss treatment Cap mentions that it also works to reduce the negative effect of protein blocking enzymes, thereby promoting hair thickness and density.

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  • Prevents Hair Loss;
  • Stimulates Hair Growth;
  • Improves Hair Strength and Thickness;
  • Claims Fast Result;
  • Effective in Men and Women;
  • A Clinical Laser Therapy;
  • A Discrete Treatment Device;
  • Safe and Compatible with the Scalp;
  • Claims to have no Side effects;
  • Made in Hong Kong;
  • 100% Cordless and Rechargeable.


  1. The manufacturer’s profile is lacking;
  2. The claims are not evidence based; no users’ reviews, no expert’s recommendation;
  3. It may be harmful after a continuous use up to one (1) hour.

Customer Support/Guarantee

ATS 64 Diodes Laser Hair Loss Treatment Cap is said to be made with high efficiency lasers, hence should work to achieve the intended benefits.

It promotes to be free from any harmful side effects when used as instructed. Of course, it has a manual that should guide us.

The makers of the laser helmet state that it is 100% cordless and can be easily recharged for re-use.

Its ability to fit under any hat or scarf makes it a discrete hair loss treatment device.

On the other hand, the product manufacturer included a laser resistant glass to help we users cover our eyes against harm.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Undoubtedly, Laser Hair Loss Treatment Cap is seen to be made of 64 laser diodes designed to promote hair growth and give other benefits.

With this known, can we now infer that it is the right hair loss treatment product? Not until we compare the different information gathered so far.

Firstly, going through the details about this device, it is obvious that it has no expert review and/or recommendation; not even from a previous user.

Evidently, Low Level Laser Treatment effectively curbs the problems of hair loss to a particular extent, but documented evidence that proofs the effectiveness of this product would have added more credibility to its claims.

Similarly, only few people will agree to buy such product without having some information about the manufacturer as well as their return policy. Unfortunately, none of these exist.

ATS 64 Diodes Laser Cap could possibly be the same as any other laser based hair loss treatment cap, but I will rather go for a product with proven results and with a real money back guarantee.

Having said this, I will conclude by saying that this laser helmet does not comply with the criteria with which such product can be termed as safe and effective.

At this point, we should simply look out there for some proven products such as the LaserBand 41.

You can simply click here to view the complete review, where I’ll tell you every information in regards to the HairMax laser devices.


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2 commentsOn ATS 64 Diodes Laser Cap Review – Is This a Proven Laser Helmet To Work Effectively? See Details Here!

  • Roberto

    I strongly think this is a marketing action of HairMax against ATS.
    I find more safe an helmet than a band… for my eyes. Using the elmet you are free to continue your work or hobby and eyes are protected. the band can easely move and accidentally fall down with high risks for your eyes or third parties.

    • Hey Roberto,

      You may be right in terms of the helmet and its eye protective glasses, yes I agree a helmet may be better. Thank you for your feedback.

      Julio – Hair Reviewer

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